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Jayben Treat

And The Falcon Ring


Growing Pains


In a second floor bedroom, at number 47 Wellbourne, eleven year old Jayben Treat stood in front of his wardrobe mirror getting dressed. He had slipped on his black pants, white shirt and blue tie and was about to finish tying his shoes when the sound of heavy footsteps drew his attention to the bedroom door.  

“I finished pack’n your bags Jayben,” an elderly woman announced in a thick Irish brogue as she entered the room. “Everything’s properly boxed off of course,” she continued as she dropped one suitcase at the threshold.

The stout woman with tight, curly, gray hair, who wore a light blue dress and a white apron, was Katie O’Callaghan the take-charge Irish maid for the Treat family.

“Thanks Mrs. C,” he said tenderly as he bent over to tie his shoes.

 “Anything else you’ll be need’n dear?”

“No Ma’am,” Jayben said as he stood upright and looked about the room. “Just need my cape and hat.”

“And don’t be forget’n that dragon,” said Mrs. C abruptly, pointing to Jayben’s bed where a caged red reptile rested fast asleep. “I don’t want to be saddled with hav’n to take care of that beast whilst you’re away at school!”

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