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Jayben Treat




Jayben extended his hands forward, which drew the cape even further up his arms. Anxiously, his eyes darted to the hem that hovered just below his knees.

“It looks like a dress!!” he fretted. “I can’t go back to school looking like this!”

 “Not-to-worry dear,” she said as she reached into the front pocket of her apron and pulled out a pair of thick black spectacles. “Now le-me-see what we have here.”

The portly maid bent over and took the thin black hem in her hands. She slowly rubbed the cloth between her fingers and thumbs feeling the magical material. Her eyes narrowed and her lips tightened.

“Can you fix it?” said Jayben as he looked hopefully into her bewildered face.

“I’m not sure dear,” said Mrs. C as she dropped the cloth, stood up and let out a sigh. “I’ve never seen a cape like this before. Why, there isn’t a single panel sewn together with another!”

“What do we do now?!” asked Jayben as he flicked at the sleeves hovering high above his wrists.

“No worries dear,” Mrs. C acknowledged with a chuckle. “Le-me take it to the sewing room. I’ve some sparr black cloth and a spool of black thread. We’ll fix it in a jiffy fer ya!”

The hope in Jayben’s face gave way to worry as he shook his head slowly back and forth.

“I don’t know if you can stick a needle into a magic cape Mrs. C, I think it still has protection charms on it from last year.”

“Nonsense!” the self assured woman said as she grasped the cloth about his shoulders. “Now, ya push your arms through the sleeves and I’ll lift it off over your head.”

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