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Jayben Treat



Jayben nodded his agreement and began to slip his arm up the sleeve whilst Mrs. C casually tugged at the collar.

“Come on now Jayben!” Mrs. C coached feverishly. “I need your help on this. Pull your arms out!”

“I’m stuck!”  moaned Jayben emphatically as he wrestled with his right arm caught in the sleeve, “it’s like the cape doesn’t want to come off me!!”  

“Now quit playing around!” said the maid struggling with the collar.

“I’m not playing!” Jayben defended as he thrashed about. “It won’t let go of my arm!!”

“Just needs more elbow grease,” grunted Mrs. C as she tugged harder at the collar and lifted Jayben off the floor. His hands were high above his head and his feet dangled and kicked back and forth.

“It’s not working Mrs. C!!” he complained loudly.

 The room went silent and the maid let loose of the stubborn robe. Jayben’s feet once again touched the carpet as his arms lowered.

“I told you!” he said as he adjusted the collar about his neck. “It’s like the cape has a mind of its own!”

Mrs. C’s narrowed eyes and her tightened lips indicated that she had not given up but was merely re-appraising the situation. She plucked at the cape collar and picked at the sleeves. Then as though discovering new insight about the cape she offered Jayben a wink of assurance.

 We’ll get this off,” she declared confidently. “Now let’s do it again but this time we work together and starting on the count of three. Ready?”

Jayben nodded as he took in a less than convinced breath. He gripped his sleeve and looked back to the maid who planted her feet firmly on the ground.

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