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Jayben Treat

And The Burglar of Barmoth


Chapter One

The Secret Mission

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real”


On the outskirts of Edinburgh a small two story cottage, with a thatched roof and a dozen flower boxes, sat peacefully in a forest of Scottish Pine and fields of Goose Berry. Some say the home was built over a hundred years ago and had a great deal of dark history attached to it. Some say it was not so much built as it was conjured. The truth was, not a single person really new anything about the house.

As with the home, little was really known of the current occupant except that she was elderly and lived with a cat. Nobody ever stopped by to say hello or to check on her well-being. Nobody knew exactly how long she lived in the house, although rumors floated amongst school aged children that the she was a witch.

With that understood, it comes as no surprise to learn that nobody noticed the old woman step out onto her front porch one late August evening. Even with a full moon flooding her yard, nobody noticed she wore a tall, pointed, red hat and a long purple cape. Nobody was there to ask her why she held a broom in her hand.

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