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Jayben Treat



“Yes dear, I did check twice. There is nothing else!”

Agnes turned the beige envelope upside down and shook it to emphasize her point.

“See what I mean? NOTHING! There is no official affidavit, nor a dossier. And guess what else is missing? - Papers of lineage! AT THE VERY LEAST - we should have received papers of lineage!”

Fiona looked suspiciously at the letter in her friend's hand. It was typical of many she had seen over the years; a crisp white parchment with a gold royal warrant embossed at the top.

“Look at this letter Fiona. Even Grough's signature is missing.”


“Yes I know he is a bit under scrutiny these days, especially after Mildred accidentally turned that child into a wolf.”


“Oh yes … I meant to say a cow ... But you're missing the point dear ... Can you imagine the trouble we would experience if we didn't sign our paperwork? Grough would have a wizard’s fit!”

With a shrug of resignation, Agnes lifted the letter to the full moon and began to read the assignment aloud.

Fly over Coit Tower and then down Wellbourne Street ... at house 47 … the initiate you will meet. His hair is like the moon his eyes like the sea - Before the stroke of midnight - His initiation must be!”

Agnes lowered the note. Her mouth dropped slightly and her eyes narrowed in bewilderment.



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