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Jayben Treat


“I was thinking the same thing dear! What a peculiar set of instructions.”

The old witch ran her finger down the page to a final paragraph.

“And just listen to the rest of this nonsense … ALL records associated with this initiation will be … DESTROYED … and further mention of this initiation to anyone is strictly … PROHIBITED!”

Agnes lowered the paper in a frustrated huff.

“Can you ever remember a time when we were asked to cover up an initiation? I mean there are very clear rules regarding such matters!”

Fiona sat silent on the back of the broom thinking about the many young boys and girls who were initiated into the world of magic on their tenth birthday. There had never been such a request to hide an initiation, nor could she recall ever hearing of anyone else complain of such an irregular order.

While Fiona pondered, Agnes lifted the letter into the moonlight. Her plump fingers rubbed across an embossed pair of red gryphon's holding high a gold crown.

“If it weren't for the Presidium’s Royal Warrant, I would swear this assignment was a hoax!”

Fiona growled humbly and Agnes thought carefully before responding.

“Yes … well … we might be, just two small pegs in this great wheel of the universe … but STILL … Grough could trust us with some secrets. It’s not like we’re two blabber mouths going willy-nilly about town telling everyone what we do!”

Agnes, clearly annoyed that her station in life had been firmly reestablished, placed the set of suspicious instructions back into the manila envelope.  ……..

FLASH!!! …..  POOF!!!

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,  by R.L. Mesler
All rights reserved

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