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Jayben Treat



Continuing to the backside of the mansion, Agnes inspected an office, a gift wrapping room and a home gym. Finally she hovered by a second floor bay window and peered into a room where a boy, lay in his bed, deep in sleep.  

Agnes glanced back to Fiona, pointed toward the moonlit window and whispered.

“I think we found our Initiate!!”

The grandmotherly witch turned her broom toward a nearby balcony that jutted away from the second floor room. Just inches from the floor she pulled up on the handle and flared.


The sound of leather shoes against the travertine balcony floor was a welcome sound to Fiona. Without waiting for an invitation she leapt from the broom and landed like a ghost onto the stone floor.

 Agnes also dismounted and then propped her broom against a wrought-iron railing. As she reached toward the sky in a much needed stretch, she looked longingly about the expanse of lawn, to the formal gardens and to a pool just off in the distance.

Unlike any burglar who would want to shun the security camera pointing directly at her, it didn’t seem to worry Agnes that her presence on the balcony, dressed in a large pointed hat, with goggles on her forehead, and wearing a purple velvet cape were not customary sights in this very posh neighborhood.  

 “Oh I do like a fountain in a garden, Fiona.” Agnes causally mused as she brought her hands down from the air and began rubbing her backside. “Just look at how lovely the water reflects the rays of moonlight!”


“Yes, perhaps we should get one for our yard!”

And so there on the back balcony the two weary travelers rested and stared into the tranquil garden below imagining such an addition to their home in Edinburgh.

And then, as with all things good, their discussion came to a stop. Agnes pushed herself away from the railing at last with a heavy sigh.

“… Ahhhhhh …Well dear … as much as I could stay here all night, we have a good deed to do!”

 Without further discussion, she and Fiona turned from the guard rail and walked across the balcony toward a pair of glass paned doors that lead into the small second floor bedroom. Reaching the entrance, Agnes grasped a pair of highly polished brass handles and pushed down.


“Hmmm?” Agnes moaned in surprise.

She tried the handles again … more firmly.


 “Oh for goodness sakes Fiona, who would lock a door on a balcony?!”

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