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Jayben Treat



Frustrated but not defeated, Agnes stepped back and pulled her wand from the thin pocket lining her cape. Without further comment she raised it above her head and swung it suddenly forward.


A glittering sparkle of colorful stars burst from her wand and circled about the brass levers. A moment later the pair of French doors quietly swung inward.

Agnes stepped forward and stuck her head into the room. With the exception of a small beam of moonlight that slid across a highly polished wooden floor, the room was dark.

“Illuminata!” she spoke and her wand lighted.

Agnes entered the room followed by Fiona. Once inside, Agnes quietly closed the pair of French doors and then she and Fiona stood silent and gathered their bearings.

To their right on the wall a large flat screen television. Just opposite their position, a closed bedroom door. To the left of that, a bureau sat against a wall. It was topped with a cell phone, a number of family photos and a few toys.

Moving her wand to the left, a swath of light highlighted a wall of posters displaying popular soccer heroes and a few TV personalities. Below the photos, sat a collection of opened birthday gifts.

Peripheral light from the wand drew the attention of Agnes around the room. A new surfboard was mounted to the wall just above a head board. An inscription on the long board read, ‘Property-of-Jayben-Treat’.

Agnes moved toward the bed. To her left she passed a mirrored wardrobe and a padded seating area that lay underneath a bay window. She moved her wand to the right to get a better look at the sleeping boy. His breathing was tranquil. Soft locks of sun bleached wavy hair rested neatly on a crisp white pillow.

His hair is like the moon and his eyes like the sea.” She whispered to Fiona “Alright … this is our boy.”

With that assurance Fiona jumped up to the bed and landed as soft as a feather at the foot of the mattress.

“Ready?” Agnes asked of the dark black cat.

Fiona lay low and pulled her twitching tail close.


“Right then.” Agnes said as she stood upright.

Moving her wand in a circular motion over Jayben, the old witch whispered the initiation spell.


                            * * *

“Owls and eagles and falcons in flight - buzzards and broom sticks and castles delight - A wizard - A champion - A noble knight - a spell of awakening - I cast tonight.”

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