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Jayben Treat




 “Yes!” Agnes said as she caught her breath, “That sent a chill down my spine as well!”


“Hmmm? …”


 “No – I have no idea what that was. But it appears that this mission is not so secret after all.”


“Yes, I know this should be reported. But you heard the order … further mentioning of this evening’s initiation is strictly PROHIBITED … and I assume that means saying anything to Grough as well!”  

Agnes took in a deep breath, adjusted her cape and looked awkwardly toward her friend.

 “I’m sorry for that outburst dear … I’m just overwhelmed with silly bureaucratic rules that defy common sense. Let’s just go home, put on the kettle and think about what we ought to do.”

Fiona jumped off the bed and quickly followed the distraught Agnes across the room. The two colleagues were just at the threshold of the balcony, when a small voice softly called to them from the blackness of the room.

“What’s going on?”

Agnes turned quickly about in surprise. Her wand pointed stiffly to the back of the room lighting the dark shadows.

“Oh my stars!!” she gasped.

On the bed, Jayben Treat sat up and rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Not fully thinking, Agnes jumped back into the shadows of the room hoping to hide. Regrettably, the elderly grandmother forgot to extinguish her illuminated wand. So there she stood, next to the wall, a short plump woman in a long purple cape and a red pointed hat, looking like a floor lamp.

“Who – who are you?”   Jayben nervously asked.

For some reason that she could not explain, and certainly against all the rules for initiating a wizard, Agnes spoke!

“Well… uh-You see it’s like this-ah-Well the truth is …”

“MEEEEOOOWW!” Fiona urgently replied.

Jayben yanked the bedcovers to his chin, and gave a quick look toward his feet. To his utter surprise, there in the dull moonlight of his room, he stared at a large cat with narrow yellow eyes.

“Yes, you’re right of course Fiona, a Knock-Out-Spell will do the trick.”

Abruptly, Agnes moved from the shadows, rounded the mirrored wardrobe and neared Jayben’s bedside. Her eyes were focused as she lifted her glowing wand above her head. As she thrust the crooked stick down in a quick swooping motion, Jayben raised his right hand in defense.

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