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Jayben Treat



 “Everto!”  He shouted.

No sooner had these words left his lips when a bright flash illuminated the room. Agnes gasped, Fiona cried and Jayben collapsed back onto his pillow and fell fast asleep.

At the foot of the bed, two yellow eyes, that had previously narrowed, suddenly widened in a brilliance of worry.


From the bay window Agnes nervously responded.

“No – dear, I’m not injured … However ... my wand is gone!!!  And!! … And did you hear that spell he cast!!????”

  Never in all the years of initiation had this ever happened to Agnes nor did she know of anyone else tell of such an encounter. Never had a child escaped the land of enchanted dreams to confront a witch during an initiation ceremony. More importantly, never had any child mastered a difficult ‘Everto Spell’ without using a wand and then only after receiving specialized training.

Fiona watched in the moonlit room as Agnes slumped onto the padded seat beneath the bay window, wringing her hands.

 “Oh my goodness … What do we do now?”



                         * * * * *


In a large castle, high in a tower, nearly a thousand light years away, the glow from a crystal ball dimmed and plunged a small turret into darkness. The undetected observer sat alone, lost in thought, reviewing the events that unfolded at Number 47, a universe away.

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