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If you are looking for a great story about magic, adventure and mystery ... then the Jayben Treat Mystery Series is your type of book!

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Jayben Treat: And The Burglar of Barmoth
Written in a Sherlock Holmes style of adventure and mystery, this book will keep you spell bound until the very last minute. It is the story of ten-year-old Jayben Treat, who with his friends, accidentally discover that a black curse has been placed on their school of magic. Unsure of whom they can trust to tell about this find, they set out on their own to prevent an unknown catastrophe from taking place. Filled with self-doubt and uncertainty, they eventually gain the confidence to use their untested and awkward magical abilities to overcome obstacles and entrapments set before them. Despite setbacks, the characters pursue a number of suspects through various locations, leading to a twist ending that reverses what the characters have been led to believe. What they also uncover in the process is far more revealing about themselves and their destinies.

* Genre: Age 9 to Age 12
* Paperback: 457 pages
* ISBN - 1-4196-8001-3
* EAN13 - 9781419680014
* Publisher: Booksurge (January 2008)

Jayben Treat: And The Falcon Ring

It's been a long, hot July for Jayben who is on summer break from attending The Royal Academy of Magic at Barmoth Castle. Unlike many kids who never want to go back to school, Jayben can hardly wait to start his second year of wizard's training. Amidst the excitement of packing his belongings, Jayben is interrupted by an unexpected official from the Presidium of Magic who brings a mysterious gift - An encrypted band of metal dotted with a pattern of stars and moons. 

Thus begins another year of mystery for Jayben, Egan, and Jenna who set out to decipher the cleverly encoded gift. Along their journey of discovery they meet a stranger who possesses answers to Jayben’s past … or so he says.


Will Jenna's worries about  the honesty of this character ruin her friendship with Jayben? Will Jayben's blind faith in the stranger lead he and his friends into great harm? Or will he finally learn all there is to know about his royal birth and his destiny as is promised?


* Genre: Age 9 to Age 12
* Paperback: 512 pages
* ISBN - 1-4392-4764-1
* EAN13 - 9781439247648
* Publisher: Booksurge (September 2009)

Jayben Treat: And The Crown of Savoir

In this, the third book in the series, the story begins with the news of a killing on the sacred grounds of Barmoth Castle. In their pursuit to understand this senseless act, Jayben and his friends, Egan and Jenna, set out to discover the identity of the murderer. As they follow a set of mysterious clues, they learn more details about Jayben’s secretive past and even more about his uncertain future. If Jayben and his young friends are succesful in finding the Crown of Savoir, they may actually save the wizarding world from tyranny. Should they fail  ... the world of magic will be lost forever!

Jayben Treat is a series of fantasy novels written by California author R.L. Mesler. The books chronicle the adventures of a young wizard named Jayben Treat, who together with his best friends Egan Hennessey and Jenna Galbraith solve increasingly complicated clues belonging to the mystery of Jayben's sudden arrival into the world of magic from a wealthy home in San Francisco.

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