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Jayben Treat



“Good! As long as we’re clear then things’ll be fine.”

“Yes Ma’am,” said Jayben as he turned about and reached into the closet to remove a black school cape from a wooden hanger.

“Goodness Jayben,” said Mrs. C in disgust, “You’re not wearing that dirty thing are ya?”

Jayben pulled the cloak to his nose and sniffed.

“It’s just my school cape,” said Jayben assuredly.

“I know what it is Jayben. How come you never put it in the laundry basket all summer?  Ya know better than that! It’s not like you were raised on a pig farm now!”

“It’ll be fine,” said Jayben as he slipped the cape over his head.

There was a frustrated huff that left her lips just before she marched across the room.

“Now don’t go putt’n it on,” said Mrs. C assertively, “I’m not gonna have people think’n ya come from a filthy home!”

“But we don’t have time to wash it,” Jayben complained from underneath the fabric. “I gotta get goin to school.”

“Just give it to me,” she said with an extended hand. “Ya won’t be late. I’ll freshen it up for ya in a jiffy.”

Jayben stubbornly popped his head through the collar of the cape and quickly slipped his arms through the purple satin lining of the sleeves.

“It shrunk!” he gasped in horror staring at his forearms that had popped out three inches beyond the cuff.

“Well gorney mac!” Mrs. C chortled. “You grew like a weed this summer!”

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