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Jayben Treat



“Meoo eeeooow!” Fiona replied as she yawned and arched her back in an extended stretch.

“Yes, I know … orders are orders but still ... even these have to be questioned.”

Agnes shuffled through a few pockets inside her cape before retrieving the source of their worried discussion. In the moonlight she and Fiona stared at a large manila envelope, on which a curious set of instructions were printed in bold red letters.



 Wizard Initiation Program


Do NOT open this envelope until you reach the Golden Gate Bridge

located in San Francisco, California



Agnes lowered the envelope and rolled her eyes in a chortle.  “Can you believe this Fiona? Our assignment tonight is considered ‘top-secret.”


“What?? … Well?? …Yes, I guess it could be a sign Minister Grough is trying to loosen up.  But still, he is a manager. Mangers should be above this sort of informal interaction ... Just wait till the girls at work here about this!  Top-Secret indeed!”

With that final chuckle, and a roll of her eyes, Agnes pried off the official wax seal from the back of the envelope. She lifted the flap, looked inside and pulled out a single sheet of paper. She looked inside the envelope again and then shook her head.

“Well!! ... This assignment gets stranger by the moment!”



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