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Jayben Treat




A sonic boom rattled windows in a nearby skyscraper as the broom banked quickly and headed toward the Upper Fillmore. Just over a fancy clothing boutique, Agnes made a quick turn and swooped further into the neighborhood of Pacific Heights; where the elite of San Francisco look down on the city from well-designed homes.

Up Wellbourne Street she jetted like a comet. The vortex, trailing from her broom, set off car alarms and caused a chorus of dogs to bark out warnings to unsuspecting home owners; trouble had just flown into the neighborhood. 

Undeterred by the mayhem going on about her, Agnes focused on a chord of green twinkling lights that encircled a mansion just ahead.

“Good! … The sleeping spell is still active!”

With a quick pull on the broom handle Agnes sped into a small patch of fog floating overhead. There she flared, hovered and stuck her head out of the fluffy cloud.

“Number Forty-Seven just below.” She said confidently as she moved her goggles to her forehead and cased the property. “Although, I think it a bit showy for a wizarding family. Don’t you agree dear?”

Fiona stuck her head out of the cloud and took a quick glimpse. The white, two-story mansion sat in the middle of an enormous lot, surrounded by tall juniper hedges butting up to tall stone-walls that wrapped about the compound. In its defense, Fiona thought it was a home that showed more solid affluence, rather than the excessive extravagance she had seen ostentatiously displayed in some of the newer moneyed homes across America.

Although still unsure about the legitimacy of her mission, Agnes leaned forward on the broom and the duo descended from the cloud. Cautiously they glided over the stone wall looking for any sign there was a trap. Prudently Agnes scouted the exterior of the house, drifting by windows and peeking into rooms, making sure everyone inside was still fast asleep.

In a dully lighted second floor bedroom, she spotted a television that loudly broadcast the evening news. She strained her neck to see around a large wardrobe and spotted a very large bed where the owners of this home, slept blissfully unaware of her presence.

Agnes lowered her broom and cruised by the windows on the first floor. She passed a large formal living room, followed by a dining room and then a kitchen.  Finally, an open window at the end of the first floor revealed what appeared to be the maid’s quarters. Agnes glanced inside and spotted an older woman, who sat fast asleep, slumped in a chair. Her hair was wrapped in pink spongy curlers and a romance novel rose slowly up and down on her chest. At the foot of her chair, a large fat Rottweiler snored softly. His massive paws moved quickly in sudden jerks as though he were chasing after a burglar in a dream.

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